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Eco Waterhouse System for Your Office or Wellness Center

Let us introduce the top-of-the-line bottle-less water cooler technology to your workplace with the latest water filtration systems from Ecowater. Ecowater in-line water coolers connect directly to your water line and provide hot and cold filtered water without the hassle of storing and lifting heavy 5-gallon bottles. Treat your employees and guests to great-tasting water at a fraction of the cost of water jugs and start making better-tasting coffee, soups, hot cocoa and teas.

In-line water coolers are available in a variety of configurations, with countertop units and floor models designed to fit any kitchen or breakroom space. Based upon water quality and usage, we also provide regularly scheduled filter changes to ensure an unlimited supply of clean water.

Our Office
  • Energy Star and TUV Certified
  • Micro-filtration removes chlorine, chemicals, lead, sediment and cysts from drinking water
  • In-Tank Sanitization and Anti-Microbial coating ensures the safest, cleanest water possible
  • LED Filter Monitor System ensures that your water is always pure, with no risk of forgetting to change the filter
  • Built-in Leak Detection System ensures that your facility stays safe from potentially damaging leaks.
  • Reduces waste by eliminating the need for plastic bottle
  • Reduces hassle associated with storing and lifting 5-gallon bottles
  • Coffee brewers can be connected to provide the best quality of water possible for coffee, tea and other beverages
  • Water block overflow safety device measures and controls the maximum consumption of water up to a set value. If the water volume reaches the set value, the Ecowater Water Block stops the flow until reset to maintain safety and water quality.
Model 3500
Model 7000

P: (949) 485-8652

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